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About Hannah Joy

Hannah Joy is currently a senior at The Boston Conservatory, receiving a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre. 
Hannah was born and raised in the city of champions--Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Being the home of the Pirates, Penguins, and Steelers, she quickly learned to love all things sports. Even if she herself wasn't the most athletic, she could always enjoy a little hometown spirit and a ballpark hot dog. 
Although Britney Spears may not have been the best role model for a 6 year old, Hannah's spot on vocal impersonations of her were one of the many reasons her family knew she'd end up pursuing a career in entertainment. Whether it be making up songs about every day tasks, walking around the house making chicken noises, or forcing her grandpa to dress up for her self-produced living room productions, Hannah was sure to make use of her odd talents for the enjoyment of others. Hoping to "tame the beast," Hannah's parents got her involved in piano lessons, plays at school and church, and the Pittsburgh CLO's youth programs. She can't thank her parents enough for not only accepting her weirdness, but encouraging it. 
When Hannah Joy isn't on the stage, writing songs, or directing, you can find her leading worship at her church. It is because of her Savior, Jesus Christ, that she is able to wake up every day to do what she loves--and what better way to thank Him than by singing His praise!
After graduation, Hannah Joy plans on moving to New York City to follow her dreams. That is, after she marries the love of her life, Tyler--one dream already coming true!
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